About Us

Who We Are

Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties (MHRS) is the local board of mental health and addiction services (also called ADAMHS board). As outlined in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 340, MHRS plan, fund, monitor, and evaluate services and programs for people seeking services. Here's how we do that:



MHRS works with community stakeholders such as clients, family members, provider agencies, and members of the community to plan the system of care so that it is cost effective, high quality, and culturally competent


MHRS provides funding to this system through a local levy, federal and state allocations, grants through partnerships with both public and private entities.


Through regular reviews and agency audits, MHRS looks at how provider agencies are doing on service and program delivery to ensure quality and effectiveness.


MHRS looks at various statistics and outputs that we require from the agencies with which we contract, and make necessary changes to make sure all clients are receiving quality care.


Our History

MHRS was formed in 1969, after Ohio lawmakers passed legislation creating community mental health boards. Over the years, MHRS and other boards received additional responsibilities, forming what are known now as alcohol, drug addiction, and mental health services (ADAMHS) boards.

Today, MHRS works alongside contracted provider agencies to ensure that strong mental health and addiction services are available for residents who need them. We conduct research into community needs; plan, fund, and evaluate the services and programs that agencies provide; and monitor the outcomes of those services so that our communities remain strong and good places to live, work, and play.