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Strategic Goal & Objectives

In November 2017, the MHRS Board of Directors reviewed and approved the strategic goal and objectives for the next three years. This plan grew out of a review of the prior goals and objectives and a multi-pronged review of services and programs with our partner agencies and community members.


Ensure a forward-thinking, community-focused culture to establish MHRS as a recognized leader in behavioral healthcare.


  • Ensure a dynamic and knowledgeable MHRS Board of Directors
  • Increase the visibility and commnunity's understanding of MHRS
  • Educate elected officials, providers, and public/community about addiction and mental health issues
  • Ensure MHRS brand in the community
  • Ensure the development, implementation, and expansion of prevention services through an updated Prevention Philosophy and Community Prevention Plan
  • Ensure availability of mandated behavioral health services
  • Advocate and support Recovery Oriented Systems of Care
  • Prioritize timely access to services
  • Identify and prioritize evidence-based adn/or best practice models for treatment services
  • Evaluate and expand Recovery Supports as a part of the service delivery system
  • Evaluate the MHRS Quality Improvement Plan
  • Identify and align with projected priorities of Managed Care Organizations
  • Promote system outcomes to the publicĀ